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The Staghorn Lake Cobalt project is in northern Labrador within the Nain Plutonic Suite, situated north of Voisey’s Bay. 

Within the Staghorn Lake Cobalt Project occur numerous prospective cobalt-nickel occurrences; referred to as showings and prospects, and are described as follows:

  • The undrilled Iglusuataliksuak Lake Showing is defined by 9 rock samples of mineralized leucogabbro and anorthosite containing pyrrhotite and chalcopyrite that returned assay values up to 1.87%Ni, 0.56%Cu, 0.19%Co. The highest-grade cobalt sample; containing 0.19% was associated with 1.87%Ni and 0.13%Cu.
  • The undrilled Iglusuataliksuak Lake # 1 Showing is a copper-ickel-cobalt anorthosite showing containing chalcopyrite, magnetite and pyrrhotite.
  • The Kingurutik Lake A Zone Prospect is defined by 10 mineralized anorthosite grab samples and one drill hole. Grab samples returned assay values up to 0.11%Ni, 0.91%Cu and 0.02%Co. A drillhole intercept occurring at a down hole depth of 18.4-22.8m assayed; 0.85%Ni, 0.71%Cu and 0.09%Co over 4.4m.
  • The Staghorn Lake Showing is defined as a gossan from which 2 grab samples of mineralized anorthosite containing chalcopyrite, pyrite and pyrrhotite assayed 2.16%Cu, 1.00%Ni, 0.16%Co and 1.86%Cu, 1.00%Ni, 0.15%Co respectively.
  • The undrilled Staghorn Lake # 1 Showing is reported as a mineralized outcrop of leuconorite. Grab samples from an exposed gossan returned values up to 0.68%Ni and 4.0%Cu.  Subsequent sampling of fresh sulphides beneath the gossan yielded grab samples with up to 1.86%Ni, 0.95%Cu and 0.17%Co. The mineralization is described to be hosted in a massive sulphide pod within foliated leuconorite.

Ground geophysical surveys, geological mapping and prospecting and limited diamond drilling was performed intermittently 1995 – 2010 on the various Staghorn Lake Cobalt Project showings.

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